• Dust Collection System
  • Scrubber – Toxic Gas & Odour Control
  • Fume Extractor Control


Are you facing issues with powdered dust, spread in your work Floor and atmospheric air. You are facing a real health threat when you inhale this, as Dust particles are of 2.5 Microns size and smaller it can damage our lungs causing respiratory problems, asthma, allergic reactions, and lead poisoning (if the dust contains lead).

We provide different types of Dust Collector system designed for your Industry type:

  • Cyclone Dust Collector
  • Bag House dust collector
  • Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust collector
  • Mini-Portable Dust collector
  • Fume Extractor
  • Wood Dust Collector


Dust from Food Industry, Pharmaceutical, Wood, 3D Printing etc is collected by the Hood which is closed on all sides so the dust doesn’t scatter and spread out. For fumes and dust present in the atmosphere a Portable Dust collector is used where the Hood is placed as close to the point source, which passes through our Duct System. The Centrifugal Blower is designed to suck all the fine powder dust through the Hood and falls into the Collector System.


Fine dust particles are collected in Filter bag directly from the blower duct, and for bigger size Dust particle it passes through a Cyclone dust filter where particles hit the baffle wall and fall down. Once the Rotary valve is open it is collected in Tank or Drum and disposed. The clean air passes through the Chimney and is let into the atmosphere.


Scrubbers are used to treat the Gaseous pollutants like Acids, chemicals mixed in Air, Particulate matter emitted from Industries. They are made to pass through Wet Scrubber which uses chemical/Biological media or water to neutralize them, treat it and cool them down and finally clean air is emitted out in Chimney. They maintain flammable gases safely.


Dry Scrubbers are mainly to remove Acidic gases emitted from combustion units. Gases like hydrofluoric acid (HF), hydrochloric acid (HCL) and heavy metals emitted from Process Industries by the use of materials like Sorbents which adsorb these gases this includes granular activated carbon, alumina and potassium permanganate. They require large surface area to treat the gas and is a low cost Process compared to Wet Scrubber.


Wet Scrubbers removes sulfur dioxide, chromic acid, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorides and fluorides with the help of Wet solution which is sprinkled from top to bottom and the inlet gas to be treated flow from bottom to top. Any solid particle falls down and gasses gets converted to water droplets when in contact with the wet solution media. The water needs to recycled and treated to be reused thus making it expensive than Dry scrubber.


  • Add on Collection Drum/Tank fill sensor
  • Flexible Hood
  • Castor wheels with lock
  • Staircase for maintenance