UV Disinfection System

Yuvisafe is a proven UV disinfection system, it helps you to disinfect surface, air and fabric. It can help you to prevent airborne diseases like cold, cough, COVID-19, Asthma, Tuberculosis and other airborne diseases and helps to keep you safe and healthy.

Surface Disinfectant

Our surface disinfectant kills 99% Virus, Bacteria and any microorganism within 1 minute of Exposure. Used to disinfect Vegetable, Footwear, Electronic devices anything before use.

Air Disinfectant

Air Disinfectant sucks indoor air in closed spaces and kills Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, etc. under thermal radiation. This avoids cross contamination and spread of Air borne diseases and it also removes Odour from office, hospitals, Restrooms, Gyms, and Poultry farms.

Fabric Disinfectant

Fabric disinfectant Kills Virus, Bacteria and prevents us from any Skin allergies when used in Trial Room at Retail Outlets. It provides a fresh disinfected garment free from ones sweat. Used in Garment Retail Outlets, Hospital doctors & Patient Gown, Saloon.

UV Conveyor

We help you to disinfect bags, luggage and large things using UV conveyor. It is ideally used in busy places like malls, airport and shopping centers for disinfecting viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi and to prevent infection.